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Sauvage Gallery was created by Anthony Milans in March 2020. It was first an Instagram page (, and then it also became a website dedicated to contemporary art and artists, met on Instagram. The purpose of Sauvage Gallery is still to highlight different types of artists, from all around the world – and showcase art to the biggest possible audience.

Sauvage Gallery is now becoming a platform working to connect artists and collectors together. As an Instagram page owner, I started to talk with more and more people overtime. Most of them were artists or collectors, and it quickly became more than a curation page : I made friends, I tried to help them, and make them connect with each other. But I was also showcasing a lot of artworks coming from everywhere. This is why I decided to take Sauvage Gallery to another level, by helping artists to sell their works, and collectors to buy the best piece ever.

What is Sauvage Gallery now

Today, I want to continue this Sauvage Gallery project as a human experience. Art is not only about artworks, it is also a person thing : I want to focus on creating relationships between the artist, the collector and myself. I deeply think that buying an artwork means also buying an artist's vision, style and passion.

Sauvage Gallery is not and will never be a "click'n'buy" platform, where you do not have any discussion or meeting with the gallery and the artist. If you want to buy something this way, you have plenty of low-quality platforms that will provide you this kind of service. I imagined Sauvage Gallery as a platform where the artist and the collectors can take their time, connect with each other and know each other. This is a "slow-sale" process, more human and taking everyone's point of view in consideration.

The artists inside Sauvage Gallery are selected thanks to their ability to create high-quality artworks (of course), but also thanks to the level of relationship I personaly have with them. To potential artists and collectors : please note that I can only work with trusted, fair and kind people. Which means that the process can be slow, I need to know you and I want you to know me before committing.


I want to insist on the fact that I am personally selecting the artists inside the gallery (there are no "entering fees" or something) because quality is an important part of the selection process. I also work only with artists I know and I trust, which is for me a way to have the most interesting work on earth !

It appears to me that this is the only way to provide the best-quality artists and artworks for collectors, and to have the best artist group I could imagine !

You can find Sauvage Gallery on the following platforms :

This is just the beginning, but this is already big !

If you have any question on the platform, please use the contact form available here, and I will answer you asap!

Thanks a lot for your support everyone, means a lot;

Anthony from Sauvage Gallery