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WHAT iS Sauvage Gallery's Collectors CLUB ?

If you are planning to buy an art piece, or if you are used to the art but want to follow an hand-picked selection of contamporary artists, please subscribe to Sauvage Gallery's Collectors Club and get updates about new artworks and artists! You will receive only 1 email per month, in order to give you an update on new pieces available, new artists joining the Sauvage Gallery's group, or any online/offline event.

Please note that :
- I personally stay available to answer your questions, but also to create a direct contact with the artists ;
- you can join Sauvage Gallery's Collectors Club (private group) on Instagram or Facebook ;
- Sauvage Gallery's selection is hand-picked, based on my personal curation and my relationships with the presented artists ;

I want Sauvage Gallery's to be a place where collectors can meet the artists, in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. We are all here to create connections, so do not hesitate to send me a DM or an email in order to learn more about the project !