Take your artist career to another level



Take your art business to another level with a dedicated digital strategy! Finally become visible and increase your sales with a solid marketing and communication plan!

Why digital marketing is important in the art field?

Having a clear digital strategy and a personalized communication plan will give your art business a professional look that can be interesting for both standard clients and galleries as well. Today, as an artist or gallery owner, you must master your communication if you want to take your business to another level:

You have more power than you think! But you need to work it out and this is exactly what a digital marketing strategy will help you to do!

Most of the artists want to live from their art, and this is absolutely possible as long as you follow the marketing rules behind this - you cannot just hope that some Instagram or Facebook posts will create enough visibility, and reach the good collectors. And we can build this together!

By working and optimizing your different environments, you will be able to generate organic visibility and traffic through your platforms, which will increase your sales opportunities and your overall notoriety.

You have waited enough time doing worthless actions, and now it is the right time to get your business serious!

You also have the choice to do nothing, and see the other artists growing faster than you, even if they make "bad quality artworks". They probably have a better marketing strategy, which allow them to get in touch with their potential customers, and get more sales opportunities. Not taking this part in consideration, is the best way to keep your visibility low, and struggle into developing your artistic career, and adding frustration to your daily work.

You don't want that! Add peace and smoothness to your art, build solid marketing foundation to have a more smooth process from creation to sales!

How the digital strategy service works?


Audit phase

  • Who you are as an artist or gallerist?
  • What are your objectives?
  • What is your web environment?
  • What are the goals you want to reach?
  • What were your previous marketing actions?


Strategy phase

  • Defining what we have to do (website, social media, emails, etc.)
  • Working the web environment and optimize it (social profiles, website, etc.)
  • Creating a social media and / or marketing calendar
  • Working the art marketing processes


Deploying phase

  • Reworking the web environment to make it professional, SEO optimization, etc.
  • Applying a social media calendar and apply it
  • Monitoring and tracking the actions (web analytics, social media insights, feedbacks, and so on)

Benefits of digital marketing for artists

The art marketing is always profitable; of course doing something, is always better than doing nothing at all! Once the strategy is defined and we started to deploy it together, the mid and long-term benefits will be obvious:

General visibility improvements

People will know you better and better, and your art will start to seduce more and more people: standard customers, art lovers, galleries, art dealers, collectors. Start being a professional, renowned artist!

Create career opportunities

Opportunities can change your career in a better way! Whether they are business opportunities, or partnerships, you have to appear as a serious player into the art world – how can you do that if you have a poor website, no traffic and almost no clients?

Mid and long-term benefits

Once everything is ready and you managed to optimize all your platforms, you will start to grow regularly – your social media profiles will be visited, your website will get more and more traffic each month and sales will happen more frequently!

Why should you invest now in a digital marketing strategy?

I am working as a digital marketing consultant for 5 years+ now, focusing on the art marketing because I am an art enthusiast and also an art collector. Working with artists for the last few years learned me that there were a lot of opportunities that people are not even thinking of. I mastered social media strategies and I still learning each day the best practices for my clients (I reached 52k followers with the @sauvage.gallery Instagram account); I helped small businesses and artists to generate more traffic on their web platform through growth strategies, email marketing and specific content strategies. That is why I am proposing, today, this digital marketing service: I want you to get the exposure you diserve, without even thinking about it!

Also, digital marketing will increase by 30% your chances to get a sale, and this pourcentage will increase as long as you keep working your visibility. It means that if you sell 3 artworks a month, you can quickly sell a 4th one; if you are selling 10 pieces a month, digital marketing will bring you 3 more pieces a month.

This can quickly be a game changer for you! You are on the way to success!

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Ready for success?

If you have any question, please let me know – this is very important for me to take some time to understand your specific need and, if I can help you, I will let you know! If you are ready to:

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