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Optimize your online presence and pages, and get noticed by a gallery. By implementing the right approach and process, you can get visible by gallery owners in no time !

Why your Instagram and online pages are important for galleries?

If you want to present yourself and your works, in order to enter a gallery, you need to professionalize your overall environment before submitting anything to gallery owners. With this program, you will give your Instagram page a professional look that can be interesting for galleries, and as they go deeper inside your online environment, they will discover how interesting and creative you are. After that, we will use a simple (but efficient!) strategy to approach gallery owners and present your works. So, here is why your Instagram page is important:

You need to appear like a professional artist, and it will be possible by working your Instagram strategy, and also your website !

Every artist wants to be represented by a gallery, and this is absolutely possible as long as you respect some simple steps - you cannot just hope that some Instagram messages will create enough curiosity. THEY DON'T NEED YOU! So you have to create this need; and this is where the strategy is important. Together, we can build this tailored strategy to find the right gallery for your awesome artworks!

I know you already sent messages to galleries, just hoping that they will say "I want you!"... but it didn't work. Next time, it will for sure!

You want to be part of a gallery, and you think all of this is useless - so you will still continue spamming the mail boxes of galleries, not getting any answer back, and you will probably thinking that they are "not so good", because they can't understand the beauty of your work. But in fact, the problem is not coming from them (again, they don't need you!): you are just doing things wrong!

By that time, you will see some artists saying that they "found a gallery"; maybe they are doing the same thing than you, same style, but with a "lower quality" - in fact, they have worked their strategy, and built this success while you are still hoping for a gallerist to discover you randomly - which will probably never happen.

You don't want that situation! Create your own luck and opportunities! Be that artist doing things right!

How the gallery program works?


Definition phase

  • Who you are as an artist?
  • What are your targeted galleries?
  • What are your struggles with the platform?
  • What other channels do you use?
  • What is missing to be successful?


Coaching phase

  • 4 hours (1 hour a day, each week)
  • Working on optimizing your page and your pain points
  • Explaining how Instagram works, and how you should use it to approach galleries
  • Homeworks are here too! (from one week to another)
  • PDF with notes after each coaching


Follow-up phase

  • 1 month after the end of the program (1 hour together)
  • Measuring your progress - successes and fails
  • See if there are still some remaining pain points
  • More tailored advices on how to manage your page daily, and update on best practices

Benefits of the gallery program for artists

Working on your profile optimizations is not only interesting for galleries - it can lead you to many opportunities, as it is always better than doing nothing at all. The mid and long-term benefits will be obvious:

Online visibility improvements

People will know you better and better, and your art will start to seduce more and more people: not only galleries, but also standard customers, art lovers, art dealers, collectors. You will get get followers, spread your art, get feedbacks, and create connections with big players!

Create career opportunities

Opportunities can change your career in a better way! Whether they are exhibitions opportunities, partnerships, or galleries in other countries, you have to appear as a serious player into the art world – and this is not possible by doing random actions!

Mid and long-term benefits

Once your pages are optimized and you understood the process of "how to approach galleries", you will be able to manage alone your search, to generate opportunites by yourself and apply this strategy as many times as you want!

Why should you invest in this program right now?

I am working as a digital marketing consultant for 5 years+ now, focusing on the art marketing because I am an art enthusiast and also an art collector. Working with artists for the last few years learned me that there were a lot of opportunities that people are not even thinking of. I mastered social media strategies and I still learning each day the best practices for my clients (I reached 53k followers with the @sauvage.gallery Instagram account); I helped small businesses and artists to generate more traffic on their web platform through growth strategies, email marketing and specific content strategies.

That is why I am proposing, today, this digital marketing service: I want you to get the exposure you diserve, without even thinking about it! Thanks to this experience, I understand both galleries and artists needs, which can be an added value to this service as I will be able to answer all your questions!

Keep in mind that Instagram is currently growing and every gallery is taking a shot on Instagram: the platform now brings a lot of opportunities, if you know how to use it - With the right actions, you will increase by around 30% your chances to get noticed by gallery short-term, and this pourcentage will increase as long as you keep working the process each month. Change is in your hands!

Whether you are starting on Instagram or not, this program will help you to learn the process and good practices on the platform, and you will be able to create connection efficiently!

I can only work with 5 artists a month

2 slots left

Ready for growth?

If you have any question, please let me know – this is very important for me to take some time to understand your specific need and, if I can help you, I will let you know! If you are ready to:

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